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Simplify the Complexity in the Operating Room

The Smart Operating Room Dashboard Solution streamlines the complex environment and workflow challenges in the OR. The unified interface allows medical staff to easily access all the information they need, such as multiple images and patient data, through a single dashboard. This enables them to focus on providing outstanding medical care to patients, creating a safer, simpler, and more efficient surgical environment.

Enhanced Visualization
All Data on a Single Dashboard – VI-SOR

The Operating Room Dashboard Solution eliminates the scattered information sources and integration issues in the OR. VI-SOR (Visualization In Smart Operation Room) System brings data, such as physiological information, medical records, and surgical process images, from separate information sources into a single dashboard, saving medical personnel’s time and making information collection more efficient.

Browse Surgery Lists and Historical Records

Recording surgery and accessing recordings is simple. The intuitive interface eliminates the previously tedious process of recording, saving, searching for data spread across different systems. Now, it can all be managed through a single interface.

Streamlined Workflow

Real-time Video Streaming

Built-in recording capabilities allow real-time video streaming, while saving, transmitting, and displaying the surgical images without additional recording equipment. The solution records images and provides a valuable resource for medical teaching and training.

Plug and Play

The interface can be optimized for the OR standard application processes. In addition, this highly flexible solution can integrate easily with existing systems and equipment.

Record Video, Snapshots, and Tags

Record video, capture images, and create tags on the surgical timeline in real-time. By tagging events such as medication time, medical device use, and hemostatic forceps use, the medical staff can track application times and reduce errors.


Smart Operating Room Dashboard Solution visually streamlined workflows to assist surgical applications at the point of surgery and patient care. Integrate complex patient information. Support live streaming to facilitate distance learning and collaboration needs. Streamline processes and improve surgical overall efficiency.

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