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  • Shockproof


    • The product application scope covers high G-force vibration environments, including aviation, navigation, transportation, agricultural machinery, and factories.
    • The product design strengthens the glass to backlight bonding material and adds cushioning materials to prevent product damage caused by falling or vibration.
  • Dustproof


    • The unique dustproof design seals all possible ways for dust to enter, meeting industrial dustproofing levels.
    • For special working environments with pollutants and dust, the customized dustproof design integrates mechanical design and quality seals to ensure the integrity of the panel packaging.
  • Wide Temperature

    Wide Temperature

    • The use of high- and low-temperature-resistant liquid crystal and backlight materials, plus the heat dissipation design of the display module, ensures that the panels can display normally in severe environments, safeguarding personnel safety.
    • Rugged panel design with wide temperature tolerance ensures stable operation under extreme temperatures and severe temperature changes.