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Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution

The AUO Display Plus Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution uses color calibration algorithm, and accurate color adjustment and simulation to simplify the dental shade matching process. The capability to present the same dental shade across different devices decreases denture production and communication costs while improving patient satisfaction

Color Calibration Calculation

The Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution utilizes gray-card-based RGB values as a benchmark during image capture and a cloud platform for calculation and color correction. The resulting calibrated images exhibit color differences that are lower than what can be discerned by the normal human eye (△E is less than 3*). The improvement in color difference compared to non-calibrated images is 75%.

Color Consistency Across Devices

After being calibrated by a cloud-based color algorithm platform, dentists and dental technicians can use a Dental A.R.T. Monitor to view the same captured and prosthetic teeth color from different locations. This enables accurate communication and improves denture production efficiencies.

Realistic Color Representation

The Dental A.R.T. Monitor utilizes AUO’s Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) to reduce ambient light interference and has a high ambient contrast ratio (ACR). Experiments have shown that under bright light sources, the ACR of the A.R.T. Monitor is 18 times greater than that of a standard dental monitor*. It can accurately represent the true color, reflective color, and three-dimensional aspects of captured images.
*This is based on results from simulation tests conducted by AUO laboratory. May vary in actual situations due to factors such as the test environment, image content, system specifications and, monitor settings.

Teeth Color Recognition

When a dental technician uploads an image to the platform, the system can recognize the teeth color in the selected area and compare it to the lab values. The system then uses △L*, △a*, and △b* values to simplify the color matching process after denture production, achieving numerical color values.
△=0:The Same color between denture and actual teeth.
△≠0:The dental technician will adjust denture color.

  • Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution

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