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  • Employee Welfare

    Employee Welfare

    AUO Display Plus Welfare Committee has been established to take care of employees through personal welfare benefits, sports and recreational activities, arts and cultural activities, etc., to promote physical and mental health, make work and life balance, and maintain harmonious labor relations.

  • Health Management

    Health Management

    AUO Display Plus believes in the importance of employees achieving a balance between work and life. Fitness Center has therefore been established to provide sporting facilities. Besides, we have Wellness Center which includes professional medical team to provide health care and counseling. We attach great importance to employee care during pregnancy and provide pregnancy-friendly parking spaces, pregnancy and delivery kits, and safe and convenient breast collection spaces to provide a pregnancy-friendly working environment. In addition, there are employee cafeteria, convenience store, Café which provide a diverse and healthy eating environment.

  • Environment


    AUO Display Plus takes good care of its employees. In addition to employee cafeterias serving delicious, healthy meals and clean, comfortable dormitories, we also provide other services such as commuter shuttles, convenience stores, ATMs, telecommunications vendors, insurance vendors and travel agent offices to give employees a convenient and high-quality working environment. In addition, through the implementation of hybrid work model, employees can arrange their workplaces according to the needs of their different work position, so that they can enhance their work engagement through flexibility work style.