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  • Polarized 3D Display Technology

    Polarized 3D Display Technology

    • Based on the principle of light polarization, the Polarized 3D Display Technology decomposes an image into two groups with vertically and horizontally polarized light. These groups of images are transmitted through 3D glasses containing polarized lenses with different polarization directions, captured by human eyes, and merged into a stereoscopic image by the brain.
    • With the exclusive pixel design of enlarged vertical view, AUO Display Plus has developed the world-leading 3D vertical wide viewing technology. Simulations indicate that users of different heights (146–193 cm) can view clear 3D images from optimal viewing distances with reduced afterimage effects caused by viewing from different angles.
    • The Polarized 3D Display Technology enables numerous users to simultaneously view clear 3D images at different angles and assists in improving the efficiency and accuracy of surgeries.
  • Naked Eye 3D Display Technology

    Naked Eye 3D Display Technology

    • The Naked Eye 3D Display Technology is realized based on the refraction principle of the lenticular lens. This technology refracts different images to different places so that the images captured by the human eyes are decomposed into two images with parallax, producing a 3D effect.
    • Combined with AUO’s exclusive eye-tracking system, the Naked Eye 3D Display Technology quickly tracks the movement of human eyes, breaking the view limitations of conventional naked eye 3D displays. AUO Display Plus improves the range of viewing angles and 3D image quality.
    • The Naked Eye 3D Display Technology is applied to 3D pathology detection. With high-resolution stereoscopic pathological images, doctors can see cellular structures as well as the color distribution and quantity of antibody markers in stereoscopic tissues, facilitating clinical judgments.