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  • Anti-glare and Anti-reflection

    Anti-glare and Anti-reflection

    • The unique surface structure design changes reflection direction, and the extremely low reflective coating makes scattered light almost imperceptible to the human eyes.
    • Effectively reduces the direct glare interference caused by ambient light sources and has almost no surface reflection, featuring anti-glare and anti-reflection characteristics.
  • High Ambient Contrast Ratio (ACR)

    High Ambient Contrast Ratio (ACR)

    • With the unique surface structure design, A.R.T. maintains a high contrast under various lighting conditions.
    • Whether in indoor environments with general fluorescent lamps or in operating rooms with bright lighting, A.R.T maintains high quality images with high contrast and clear grayscale levels, making the black and white levels of X-ray films more clear and distinct.
  • High Gamut Keeping Ratio (GKR)

    High Gamut Keeping Ratio (GKR)

    • Compared to the conventional display that produces a color cast caused by environmental light, a display equipped with A.R.T. correctly reproduces the color of images.
    • The resulting image is more detailed, accurate, richer in color and clearer in contrast.
  • Reflectionless Design

    Reflectionless Design

    • According to the research on computer vision syndrome (CVS), the American Optometric Association (AOA) highlighted that if an environmental reflection appeared on a display, the human eyes would need to focus repeatedly between the reflection and image. Therefore, viewing such images would induce eye fatigue*.
    • The journal research* showed that the reflectionless design using A.R.T. effectively reduced screen reflection and eye fatigue caused by viewing images for long periods of time. It is beneficial for medical staff to maintain diagnostic interpretation accuracy under indoor lighting conditions while reducing eye damage.
    • * American Optometric association (2022). Computer vision syndrome. Website: https://www.aoa.org/healthy-eyes/eye-and-vision-conditions/computer-vision-syndrome?sso=y
      * CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPTOMETRY (2019). The effects of reflected glare and visual field lighting on computer vision syndrome (CVS).

  • A.R.T. Medical Display

    • AUO Display Plus Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) features ACR (Ambient Contrast Ratio), GKP (Gamut Keeping Ratio) and Reflectionless designs, and ensures high-fidelity images for medical applications. Find out more in this video!