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Pay & Benefits
Pay & Benefits

We have a diverse and competitive compensation system that review the salary structure on a regular basis. A system of regular and ad hoc bonuses has also been designed for each position. An incentive scheme aimed at boosting company, team and individual performance allows all employees to share in the company’s profits.

-Leave System
AUO Display Plus strives to design a legal and reasonable attendance system that lets employees achieve a balance between work and life. In addition to statutory leave, in Taiwan for example AUO Display Plus offers a variety of leave types that exceed the minimum legal requirements.
Golden Week Leave: Employees are encouraged to use this holiday to recharge themselves through rest or learning.
Volunteer Leave: Employees are encouraged to participate in social welfare activities.
Engagement Leave: A thoughtful touch to let employees concentrate on this important event in their life.

-Employees Stock Ownership Trust
AUO Display Plus has set up an “Employees Stock Ownership Trust Program” with incentives set aside to encourage employee participation in headquarter. Employees can establish their own flexible short, medium and long-term financial planning arrangements through small, regular deposits over time.

P.s: Pay & Benefits is designed and implemented according to the laws and regulations of each country.

Insurance and Retirement
Insurance and Retirement

Insurance and Retirement
AUO Display Plus provides insurance coverage for employees as required by law and offers an employee retirement scheme as well. Social security contributions to labor pension, medical and endowment funds are made in accordance with local laws and regulations.

To provide more complete protection for the lifestyle and security of employees and their families, AUO Display Plus also offers general group insurance covering life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and cancer insurance. Special insurance coverage is also provided for employees on business trips or working overseas.

P.s: Insurance and Retirement is designed and implemented according to the laws and regulations of each country.

Training & Learning
Training & Learning

-New Employees : Complete New Employee Development Course
New employees undertake a complete training course starting from the date of arrival that covers introduction to the group’s corporate philosophy, work management, and introduction to professional courses. The course helps new employees adapt quickly to the workplace and understand the nature of their position.

-Current Employees : Diversified Learning Sources
Current employees have access to diversified learning channels such as on-the-job training, in-house training, external training, web-based learning and self-learning. On-the-job training includes job skills, engineering, R&D, quality management and training executive committee.

Leadership Development Program :
Managerial Competency Development

Leadership development program has developed to different levels according to management scope and layers. This is used as a guide for planning management courses.

Leadership Development Program :<br>Managerial Competency Development
Career Development
Career Development
Career Development

-Performance Management
AUO Display Plus is a performance-oriented company with a transparent, fair, equal and open performance management system. Employees can communicate directly with their supervisors to define their annual personal targets and plans then review the results together. Timely feedback and suggestions from supervisors help employees reach their work targets.

-Development Platform
AUO Display Plus provides a variety of internal promotion for advancement and cultivates talented people in a planned manner in accordance with the needs of the organization.

Our globalization strategy means that we can not only offer opportunities for overseas assignments but also promote an international exchange of talent. Global talent mobility through critical assignments, technology transfers, overseas training & development, and competition for international job bid, we provide employees with diverse short and long-term career choices. Trans-cultural and multi-disciplinary learning also helps to cultivate a broader perspective and network.