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Spark Interactivity and Creativity in the Classroom

Learning today require classrooms to be set up to support active engagement and collaboration between teachers and students. As a result, technologies adopted in the classroom need to consider flexible and interactive digital teaching methods, richer teaching materials, as well as immersive learning environments that stimulate interactivity and creativity.

The Interactive Classroom Solution is designed to create learning environments that promote engagement and collaboration. This solution facilitates flexible content sharing from a multitude of device formats, features tools that enhance interactive discussions, as well as includes intuitive interfaces that are easy for teachers and students to operate.

Interactive Whiteboard for Collaboration

The easy-to-use interactive flat panel display allows multiple users to annotate and draw simultaneously during discussions. Notes can be saved and shared immediately after a lesson.

Efficient, Wireless Screen Sharing

Connect laptops, tablets, or smartphones and instantly share presentation contents wirelessly without the need for additional devices or cables.

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