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Smoother, More Efficient Meetings for Enterprises

Meeting room technologies have evolved to enhance engagement and collaboration for both face-to-face and remote meetings. However, conducting smooth and efficient meetings is often difficult. Technical difficulties, inadequate visibility and audibility, as well as poor meeting records result in inefficient meetings, wasted time, and ineffective outcomes.

The Meeting Room Solution integrates display and communication technologies to deliver smooth and productive meetings in the face of challenges from using multiple device formats, connecting with in-person and remote meeting participants, as well as the lack of progress from insufficient follow-up after meetings.

Interactive Whiteboard for Collaboration

The easy-to-use interactive flat panel display allows multiple users to annotate and draw simultaneously during discussions. Meeting notes can be saved and shared for immediate follow-up.

Efficient, Wireless Screen Sharing

Connect laptops, tablets, or smartphones and instantly share presentation contents wirelessly without the need for additional devices or cables.

Remote Video Conferencing

The integrated camera, microphone, and speakers deliver exceptional video and audio performance that make online meetings more engaging.

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