Nursing Station

Enhance Work Efficiency with Reduced Manpower Burdens

AUO Display Plus offers professional display products suitable for nursing stations in various departments, such as touch displays for medical applications, interactive whiteboards, and mobile patient monitoring systems. Intuitive operating interfaces and clear picture quality allow medical personnel to quickly access the information they need, streamline workflows, and improve service quality.
Operating Room

Dedicated Displays Aiding Accurate Judgments

AUO Display Plus offers advanced medical-grade display panels for ultrasound, imaging, endoscopy, surgery, and other specialized applications. With richer color variations and details presented, the display panels provide closer-to-reality images to help medical personnel make more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Examination Room

Improve Diagnosis with Accurate Display

Our high-quality and high-resolution professional medical displays ensure that medical personnel can see the most accurate and detailed medical images. The exclusive Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) for displays reduces screen glare from external light sources, facilitates information reading for physicians, and safeguards their vision.