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SurgiEyes - Robotic Surgery Real-time 3D Solution

The “SurgiEyes – Robotic Surgery Real-Time 3D Solution” integrates live 3D imaging and high-definition 4K 3D medical displays. This innovative solution enables the surgical view seen by the operating surgeon to be converted into a stereoscopic image for the entire medical team in the operating room, significantly enhancing communication efficiency. This solution has been successfully implemented in nearly 20 medical facilities across Japan, offering patients safer and higher-quality medical services.

Real-time, Low Latency, Realistic 3D Images

SurgiEyes employs real-time image processing to deliver high-resolution, clear 3D images on a 4K monitor. This allows the surgical team to see exactly what the primary surgeon sees with low latency and high quality.

Seamless Synchronization Across Different Platforms

SurgiEyes supports multiple image outputs, synchronizing 3D images inside and outside the operating room. It allows real-time sharing of high-quality 3D images for surgical training and consultations across platforms, reducing communication costs while maintaining excellent quality.

SurgiEyes - Robotic Surgery Real-time 3D Solution
4K 3D Medical Monitor
Exclusive 3D Vertical Wide-Viewing-Angle Technology

Our 4K 3D Medical Monitor has wide-viewing-angle technology for clear surgical image views across team members of different heights. The vertical range of view has a 135% increased range compared to general 3D monitors, it ensures consistent 3D images for all surgeons, promoting efficient communication during surgery.

Ultra-Realistic 3D Images

The 4K 3D Medical Monitor utilizes advanced Deep Red display technology for enhanced tissue visualization. With high-resolution imaging, it enables accurate judgments by displaying organs and tissues in deeper layers.

Supporting Various 3D Formats

Our 4K 3D Medical Monitor supports various 3D formats and signal inputs, enabling consistent and high-quality 3D images for different surgical procedures.

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