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Showcasing Innovative Applications across Five Healthcare Domains: 3D Surgical Imaging, Dental Digitalization, Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection, Medical Information Integration and Management, and Elderly Care


By steadily implementing its biaxial transformation strategy, AUO Corporation actively integrates its group resources in significantly focusing on the healthcare sector this year. AUO consolidates its subsidiaries of AUO Display Plus (ADP), AUO Health, and AUO Care, alongside collaboration with the group’s strategic partners. They are set to participate in the 2023 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan from the November 30 to December 3, spotlighting products and services across the five domains in healthcare, including 3D surgical imaging, dental digitalization, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) digital detection, medical information integration and management, and elderly care. These showcases represent practical applications and accomplishments in the diverse healthcare field.


“With strong foundation in the display business, AUO has extended its expertise to include professional medical display and high-precision sensing technologies.” Said Dr. Frank Ko, Chief Executive Officer and President of AUO. “By integrating our core capabilities with our partners across various domains, we've been able to pioneer diverse field applications. Through synergizing the strength of our subsidiaries, AUO Display Plus, AUO Care, and AUO Health, we've constructed a valuable medical ecosystem. By incorporating an array of products and services, we aim to enhance the competitiveness of our healthcare business and look forward to recreating more successful smart medical cases.”


3D Surgical Imaging: Groundbreaking 3D Solutions for Robotic and Endoscopic Surgery
In pace of the rising popularity in minimally invasive surgery, surgical robot systems have become indispensable in hospitals due to their precision, enhanced surgical quality, and reduced operational risk. ADP leverages its advanced 3D display technology to offer diverse 3D imaging solutions tailored for surgical teams and the operating surgeons. These solutions cater to diverse needs, ranging from clinical operations to educational training, thereby providing new operational methods in the surgical landscape.


The “SurgiEyes – Robotic Surgery Real-Time 3D Solution” integrates live 3D imaging and high-definition 4K 3D medical displays. This innovative solution enables the surgical view seen by the operating surgeon to be converted into a stereoscopic image for the entire medical team in the operating room, significantly enhancing communication efficiency. This solution has been successfully implemented in nearly 20 medical facilities across Japan, offering patients safer and higher-quality medical services.


Targeting the specific needs of operating surgeons in clinical operations, the “Robotic Surgery Naked-eye 3D Imaging” combines naked-eye 3D medical displays with eye-tracking technology. This advanced solution provides surgeons with a clear, unobstructed 3D view of the surgical area without the need for wearing 3D glasses, thereby enhancing the surgeon's flexibility and operational efficiency during procedures.


In endoscopic examinations and surgeries, the 3D imaging system plays a pivotal role. The ADP “2D-to-3D Endoscopic Image Solution” integrates miniaturized endoscope soft mirror modules and the 2D to 3D imaging equipment, to render realistic and clear 3D images on 4K 3D displays and aid physicians in early diagnosis of minuscule lesions, enhancing the success rate of surgeries. The “3D 4K Endoscopic Solution,” specifically designed for laparoscopic surgery, provides 4K, 60FPS (frames per second), high-definition 3D images, allowing surgeons to rapidly and accurately identify affected areas in nerves, blood vessels, and organs during operations.


Dental Digitalization: AUO Display Plus Establishes Subsidiary “DentLabX”, Making Debut at the Healthcare+ Expo
With ADP proactively entering the dental sector, following its launch of the smart dental shade matching solution, ADP targets the digital transformation trends in dental labs this year, and collaborates with Chien-Mei Medical Investigation and establishes “DentLabX.” This subsidiary aims to expedite the digitalization of dental and denture fabrication processes.


“DentLabX” made its first debut at the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan, unveiling an industry-leading smart dental management system, assisting dental technicians in overseeing the complete production process. Covering from clinic orders to lab shipping, encompassing key steps such as scanning, designing, fabricating, coloring, and shade matching; this system enables real-time updates on order adjustments and treatment methods from dentists, enhancing the quality control of denture fabrication and effectively reducing operational costs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection: The Debut of AUO Health and its High-Precision Sensing Technology for Pulse Diagnostics
Leveraging AUO's high-resolution and lifelike display technologies, the newly established AUO Health is innovating in the field of TCM diagnostics. With the introduction of the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection Solution," the company creates analytical value by providing new standards for diagnostic environment, digitizing, and visualizing diagnostic results of TCM.


AUO Health “Pulse Detection System” leverages high-precision, multi-point array pressure sensing technology to simulate the touch of a TCM physician's fingers during pulse-taking. This system precisely replicates the traditional techniques of lifting, pressing, and searching in pulse diagnosis, transforming pulse sensations into data. Combined with big data analytics, this system elevates precision in smart healthcare. Simultaneously, the “Tongue Image Capture System” employs a two-stage image calibration process using standardized environmental settings, specialized tongue color card, and color restoration algorithms. Integrated with AUO A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) displays, it ensures realistic color representation on screens, overcoming distortions caused by ambient lighting, display screens, and eye perception.


Medical Information Integration and Management: Creating a User-Centric and Friendly Healthcare Environment
To streamline medical administration, ADP launches innovative products and solutions applied in telehealth and hospital lobby management. Notably, the“27 TwinOS Plus”, a Medical All-in-One System, merges dual systems and integrated video equipment. It has been successfully implemented in various domestic and international medical institutions, including dentistry, radiation oncology, and pathology labs. This system, in conjunction with Tatung System Technologies (tsti) medical labeling software, allows physicians to mark patient medical images and record information during consultations, significantly enhancing the efficiency of telehealth consultation.


ADP delivers the“AI Brain Health Training Solution” in collaboration with imedtac’s cognitive training interactive software. This innovative solution is integrated into ADP’s 32-inch Portable Smart Touch Display, featuring multi-touch capabilities and agile mobility. It has been successfully implemented in long-term care facilities such as the Fengshan multifunctional community daycare center in Kaohsiung, and Taipei Medical University Hospital's community integrated care center, Shitoutang, assisting the elderly in delaying cognitive decline and preventing dementia. Additionally, the solution provides long-term care institutions with the ability to monitor daily training activities of users.


Integrated Care Cloud and Safety Services, Enhancing Elderly Care with Smart Technology
In response to the rising demands of the retirement community, which emphasizes high-quality living environments and services promoting active aging, the need for wellness villages and age-friendly housing is rapidly growing. AUO Care develops the “eCaaS Ageless Community Service System” solution, incorporating professional care modules for operational teams and linking financial systems for streamlined management reporting. This comprehensive platform integrates PoS (point-of-sale) transactions, health and fitness management, and access control systems to enhance the service experience and create new business opportunities. Aimed at fostering cross-function collaboration, this innovative solution is set to be implemented in elderly housing projects across Northern Taiwan.


The “Safety Monitoring Solution,” utilizing a central safety platform, accumulates with IoT device monitoring and management. This innovative approach has been successfully implemented in organizations such as Yilan Guangtze and Taoyuan Hsinan long-term elderly care associations, experiencing a warmer, more caring service. The solution's integration of both software and hardware includes vital signals monitoring, fall detection, smart mattress, and emergency call management. With its parallel and graded notification systems, the solution ensures prompt and effective handling of alarm events. Additionally, it features mobile message push notifications and follow-up mechanisms, providing comprehensive event logging and analytical management.


Concerning the global healthcare industry’s drive towards digital transformation, AUO has amassed profound research and technological strength, dedicating over a decade to the medical application field. By collaborating with partners in the healthcare ecosystem, it has expanded the depth of its product portfolio, crafting solutions that are highly precise, efficient, and integrated. This commitment has been instrumental in fostering stable growth in smart healthcare and overall healthcare industries. In the future, AUO will continue to explore new possibilities for smart medical advancements, aiming to refine its business scope in precision medicine, smart healthcare, and preventive medicine.



AUO Display Plus“SurgiEyes – Robotic Surgery Real-Time 3D Solution” enables the surgical view seen by the operating surgeon to be converted into a stereoscopic image for the entire medical team in the operating room, significantly enhancing communication efficiency and surgical safety.

AUO Display Plus collaborates with Chien-Mei Medical Investigation in establishing “DentLabX,” unveiling its industry-leading smart dental management system, and assisting dental technicians in overseeing the complete denture fabrication and material adjustment process.


AUO Health Leverages AUO's high-resolution and lifelike display technologies, and is innovating in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics. With the introduction of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection Solution,” the company creates analytical value by providing new standards for diagnostic environment, digitizing, and visualizing diagnostic results of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

AUO Care integrates both software and hardware, including fall detection, smart mattress, and emergency call management; and IoT device monitoring and management utilized through its central safety platform, providing a secure solution for the long-term care domain.