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Introducing Circular Economy Concept in Response to Green Exhibition Goals, Putting ESG Principles into Practice through Sustainable Solutions and Creating Sustainable Value through Low-carbon and Energy-saving Efforts


With AI revolutionizing the globe, various smart devices, software and application services have been launched, and business operating models restructured. As a world-leading provider of display technology and solutions, AUO is set to participate in Touch Taiwan 2024, highlighting integrated applications for smart retail, education and healthcare, and revealing diverse innovative solutions of increased value for energy conservation and carbon reduction. This cross-domain, cross-industry showcase, revolving around “Beyond Display.See the Possibilities”, presents a remarkable presentation of AUO’s efforts to accelerate its biaxial transformation strategy toward digitalization and sustainability, increase service efficiency, elevate quality and strengthen competitiveness in the display industry.


Smart Retail: AUO Retail Cloud Platform Connects Over 30,000 Client Nodes Across the Globe, Resolving Retailers’ Pain Points in Operation
As new service models continuously revolutionize the retail industry, the technology landscape is becoming more diversified. To assist retail clients to overcome persistent labor shortage, AUO has integrated its software and hardware services to launch the AUO Retail Cloud Platform. Through this highly integrated platform, retailers can effectively monitor and manage all in-store digital signage and electronic shelf labels via a single system. It is suitable for convenience stores and supermarkets, branded chain stores, large exhibition halls, banks, and other verticals, and connects over 30,000 client nodes globally. It significantly improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. Furthermore, the platform’s interconnected functions facilitate dynamic pricing on promotional items, helping retailers to reduce food wastes and optimize inventory management for increased revenue, while supporting businesses in advancing towards paperless, environmental-friendly goals.


At the same time, pairing with energy-efficient digital signage can deliver even better, greener results. AUO’s TARTAN 39.8-inch Square Eco Indoor Signage features industry-leading Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.), which enhances the contrast ratio in bright rooms and reduces power consumption by 30 percent. For outdoor applications, the state-of-the-art 43-inch High-Brightness Eco Outdoor Signage, with a brightness of 2,500 nits, ensures exceptional readability in sunlight and reduces energy consumption by approximately 15 percent compared to normal displays, thanks to its energy-efficient design. AUO’s digital signage, boasting high-resolution image quality and superior brightness, combined with electronic shelf labels, elevates retail space while helping retailers fulfill their sustainability and carbon reduction commitments by reducing labor and material costs associated with replacing print advertisements and minimizing the number of trees cut down.


Smart Education: Interactive Shared Classrooms That Support ADM
The widespread adoption of IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Display) products and digital textbooks has made classroom teaching more engaging and interactive, envisioning a school environment where teachers can effortlessly conduct interactive lessons and students participate actively. In collaboration with AUO Display Plus (ADP), AUO has developed the AUO Device Management System (ADM), which enhances the management efficiency of interactive classroom devices and addresses the pain points in school device management. ADM’s smooth multi-function installation mode and intuitively designed integrated interface allow for the simultaneous management of multiple devices, thereby expanding the reach of educational resources and overcoming the challenges of information dissemination and device monitoring caused by geographical barriers. This system not only fosters a better educational environment for students but also creates an innovative educational model that offers unlimited learning opportunities


Smart Healthcare: Groundbreaking 3D Imaging Solutions Representing a Giant Leap Forward in Medical Diagnosis
AUO, with its extensive experience in integrating advanced display technology with software and hardware, is at the forefront in healthcare and elderly care applications. At the exhibition, AUO will showcase smart healthcare solutions based on 3D and AmLED® display technologies. These solutions include 3D surgical imaging that caters to various needs, such as clinical operations and education training, the world’s first mini LED ultrasound display, and high-end mammography. The mini LED ultrasound display boasts high brightness, high contrast, and wide color gamut, capable of reproducing realistic details even in dark gray-scale images and enhance the accuracy of ultrasound diagnostics. Additionally, AUO’s IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology enables mammography images to be presented with high resolution and high refresh rates, while also ensuring low power consumption and excellent stability, contributing to energy conservation and carbon reduction.


Sustainability in Action: Creating a Green and Low Carbon Exhibition around the 3R Strategy
Committed to promoting sustainability and echoing Touch Taiwan’s green exhibition objectives, AUO is introducing the concept of a circular economy this year, with a sustainable booth design centered on the 3R strategy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). This approach includes the extensive use of reusable materials and a simplified frame structure in booth design to decrease carbon emissions; the use of LED displays to replace printed materials, and digital advertising to reduce disposable promotional literature and decorations; the reuse of booth props, channel letters, extending the lifecycle of these products. Through these concrete actions, AUO demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, creating an eco-friendly, sustainable, and low-carbon exhibition environment.


AUO is dedicated to creating pioneering applications across diverse domains with high-value and differentiated products and is accelerating the Company’s mission “AUO is not just a panel maker but instead a solutions provider that extends technological innovation across a diverse range of vertical applications”. Join Touch Taiwan 2024 and experience the infinite possibilities unlocked by AUO’s “Beyond Display.See the Possibilities” showcase.


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AUO has integrated both software and hardware services to launch the “AUO Retail Cloud Platform”. Through this highly integrated platform, it enables effective monitoring and management of all in-store digital signage and electronic shelf labels on a single system. Connecting with over 30,000 client nodes globally, it significantly enhances retailers’ operational efficiency and reduces cost expenditures

Through the AUO Electronic Shelf Label Solutions (ESL), paper printing can be replaced, allowing for dynamic adjustments to marketing strategies in response to market changes. Marketing materials can be managed and broadcast remotely from headquarters in real-time, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience


AUO has jointly developed the “AUO Device Management System (ADM)” with AUO Display Plus (ADP). This system features a smooth, multi-functional installation mode, and an intuitively designed integrated interface that allows for the simultaneous management of multiple devices. It specifically addresses the pain points in school device management, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations within educational settings

AUO Display Plus (ADP) has launched a “SurgiEyes – Robotic Surgery Real-Time 3D Solution” that transforms the surgeon's view and operating field into a 3D perspective for the medical team in the operating room. Already implemented in nearly 20 medical facilities in Japan, this technology provides patients with safer and superior medical services