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Perfect content visibility in outdoor and
semi-outdoor applications

The High Brightness Signage products are designed for delivering optimal content visibility in bright environments such as direct sunlight. With support up to 3500 nit brightness, the Outdoor Signage series features industrial-grade designs with built-in light and thermal sensors, making it highly reliable for any application. The slim design of the Window Facing Signage series saves installation space in either kiosk or ceiling-mounted installations. These products are perfect for outdoor or semi-outdoor digital signage applications including menu boards, advertisements, promotions, and public announcements.

Outdoor Signage

The Outdoor Signage series offers perfect image visibility under direct sunlight with around-the-clock performance. Its industrial-grade designs with built-in light and thermal sensors makes it highly reliable for outdoor or semi-outdoor digital signage applications including EV chargers, outdoor signage, QSRs, and more.

Vivid Sunlight Visibility

The Outdoor Signage series features high brightness up to 3500 nits, delivering clear vivid images under direct sunlight. By utilizing high temperature liquid crystal technology, the series can maintain long hours of operation under the sun without developing black spots on the surface.

Strong for The Outdoors
Withstands Any Condition

With an IP56 rated protection, the Outdoor Signage series is designed to resist water and dust from entering and affecting display performance, making it suitable for applications in a variety of outdoor conditions.

Vandal Resistant Design

The Outdoor Signage series utilizes a thick 5mm tempered glass and features IK10 rated durability, which is protection equivalent to five joules of impact, to enhance endurance against external blows especially in areas prone to vandalism.

Energy Efficient Reliability
See it All in Any Light

The built-in light sensor automatically detects environmental lighting and enables the display to adjust brightness accordingly. Optimum visibility is ensured throughout the day while saving on power consumption and related operating expenses.

24/7 Operation to Count On

Built industrial-grade, this series has undergone rigorous wide temperature, humidity, and durability testing, and is designed for a very long service life and 24/7 operation, working around the clock without overheating or screen damage.

Optimized Thermal Performance

To prevent over-heating and shut down when temperatures rise too high, the built-in thermal sensor detects environmental temperature and adjusts fan speed and display brightness to an optimum level at all times.







1920 x 1080

Brightness (nit)


Active Area (mm)

1209 x 680


HDMI 2.0 x 1, DP 1.4 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, RJ-45 (HDBT) x 1, RS-232 x 1

Power Consumption (W)


Operating Temperature

-30°C – 50°C

Operation Hours



Landscape / Portrait

Dimensions (mm)

1260.6 x 731.4 x 99.5

  • Outdoor Signage Flyer

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